Our Team

Jai Singh

Jai strives to be a perfectionist but most of the times fails miserably… after all.. no one’s perfect. He is a graduate in Economics and English Literature and a Post Grad in Marketing and Information Technology. He has a sharp eye to recognize talent and; therefore; manages the recruitment efforts of the company. When he’s not working, he’s either spending some time with sheltered animals, traveling or just catching up on a movie – after taking permission from his six rescued dogs.



Vic (Vikas) Joshi

Vic is the funny guy in the team… a sense of humor, some may call boisterous, but most call it awesome. He is a Mathematics graduate and a Post Grad in Marketing and Information Technology. He is a pure sales guy, has a knack for closing deals having successfully delved into ERP sales, CAD/CAM-related services sales and now Professional Staffing. When he is not working, one can find him bike riding, running, golfing or playing tennis. His next ambition is to do a half Ironman by summer of 2023.


John Jimomi

John Jimomi is a very soft-spoken, sincere and an honest man. He is passionate about his work and loves what he does – hardcore recruitment. He is a married man who is juggling life between work and being a full-time dad to his son. He enjoys spending time with his family, so most of his free time is spent with them. He loves playing cricket and watching a lot of movies.



Ramesh K

Ramesh is a graduate in Computer Science Engineering and leads the sales team for Cleo. He has very good understanding of all the technologies he sources for and has a great zeal to learn new ones. He loves spending time with his family, that consists of his wife and 2 sons, and traveling a lot when he is not at work. He always believes in – “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”.


Jordan Sherlock

Jordan is a family-man with 3 kids (2 boys and a beautiful baby girl). Before joining Cleo, he was with Fidelity Information Services. He is born and raised in Western New York and lives 10 minutes outside of Buffalo, NY. In college, he played several years of American Football for Buffalo State College, now in his free time, he volunteers as football coach in his home town. Very sharp, great communicator and an easy-going personality, he handles Cleo’s NY business operations out of Buffalo, NY.


Guruprasad Vastrad

Guru is a business graduate and handles sales for Cleo. He has been instrumental in bringing new business and partnerships to the company. In his free time, he loves to travel and play billiards. He’s a people-person and enjoys a very healthy social life which he very-well balances with his work responsibilities.


Amit Patil

Amit is a detail-oriented individual who is very energetic, creative, eager to learn and adapt to new challenges, excellent communications skills and strong interpersonal skills, excellent work ethics, team oriented with strong analytical and leadership qualities. He has very good understanding of all the technologies that helps him excel in his job as a technical recruiter. Natural leader with a sense of ownership and focus on quality even under high pressure situations. He loves to travel and spend time with his family and friends.



Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar is an accomplished business development manager with years of experience driving revenue growth for companies across various industries. As a key member of Cleo, Vinay is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and building strong relationships with clients. Vinay is an excellent communicator and skilled negotiator with a talent for closing deals and building long-term partnerships. He is highly analytical, with a keen ability to assess market opportunities and develop strategies that drive growth. In his free time, Vinay Kumar enjoys hiking, travelling, and spending time with his family”.


Asa Jimomi

Asa is a Political Science graduate who has many talents and passions. Besides his academic accomplishments, Asa is an avid artist who loves to sketch and paint. He finds solace in creating art and is constantly exploring new mediums and techniques to improve his skills. Asa is a huge fan of Marvel heroes, especially Loki. He loves the character’s complexity and mischievous nature, and finds the stories and mythology behind the character fascinating. He often incorporates Marvel themes into his artwork and is always excited to discuss the latest Marvel movie or TV show. His friends and family describe him as a kind and caring person who is easy to talk to and always puts others first. This quality alone makes him very personable and, therefore, a successful technical recruiter.




Last but definitely not the least, Cleo is the inspiration behind this company. She came into Jai’s life in the year 2008. They met at a bakery where Jai went to have his morning coffee, saw her on the street, their eyes met, they fell in love with each other and Jai got her home. From then, till this day; they are inseparable. Cleo has taught us how to be grateful to someone who did you a kind deed, how to love, respect and accept. She is honest, loyal, expressive and genuine and we; as a company; shall offer our services with the same principles to our clients.

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