Our Team

Jai Singh

Jai strives to be a perfectionist but most of the times fails miserably… after all.. no one’s perfect. He is a graduate in Economics and English Literature and a Post Grad in Marketing and Information Technology. He has a sharp eye to recognize talent and; therefore; manages the recruitment efforts of the company. He enjoys traveling, is a movies buff and when he is not working, he; along with his wife; is either spending some time with sheltered animals or just catching up on a movie.



Last but definitely not the least, Cleo is the inspiration behind this company. She came into Jai’s life in the year 2008. They met at a bakery where Jai went to have his morning coffee, saw her on the street, their eyes met, they fell in love with each other and Jai got her home. From then, till this day; they are inseparable and Jai’s wife is highly jealous of this fact but has accepted it now. Cleo has taught us how to be grateful to someone who did you a kind deed, how to love, respect and accept. She is honest, loyal, expressive and genuine and we; as a company; shall offer our services with the same principles to our clients.


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